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is a SaaS solution, a platform for creating and managing digital passes in .pkpass file for mobile wallets. 


Our product is a .pkpass file with unique ID which is stored in our infrastructure. We use YOUR PASS Console - our own administration system, rest API and integrations to various CRM systems.


As part of the solution we will provide you with the possibility of connecting your in-house system, such as your CRM system, to the YOUR PASS platform via API.

API will facilitate access to all functions of the YPP and consequently, you can control it directly from the in- house system. Our interface API supports many CRM systems. Detailed documentation per request.


Admin Console

Our web application for creating and managing templates, cards and projects. It includes a built-in intuitive non-code designer which enables you to create and modify the contents and look of the cards in the Wallets of your customers using the Push function. 

The app is browser-based (Safari and Chrome browsers are supported) and thus can be used anywhere and at any time, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Preview page

Downloading of the pass is processed by a smart web page (except in case, that you are distributing directly the pkpass file). The preview page recognises from which device the customer came from and according to this channel adapts the page to mobile devices - iOS, Android and desktop version.

YourWallet Android app


An alternative to Apple Wallet for Android devices developed by YOUR PASS.

  • only 4,9 MB app size 

  • no 3rd party data collection

  • ads-free

  • digitizing paper / plastic cards

  • categorize cards

  • export to another device

  • synchronization with Google account 

  • free download on Google Play Store

YWallet categories.png
yourwallet android app.png
Proximity features

Proximity features

Proximity triggers play an important role in enhancing your customer journeys, increasing customer experience and bringing them closer to a conversion. Triggers can be activated based on GPS location and beacons.

Beacon is a small, low energy Bluetooth radio transmitter with a unique alphanumeric ID which broadcasts information by Bluetooth several times in a second. Digital cards can be set to recognize specific beacons (based on their unique ID) and once they “meet and match”, it triggers a specific predefined action - for instance a push notification is displayed.

Thanks to their low energy profile, beacons last up to 2 years of battery life (depending on producer) and reach up to 50 metres range. The technology is safe and does not collect user data. 

pkpass beacon.png
voucher dark.png
voucher notification.png
White Gradient

Pass anatomy

Button links to
back side of the card


text fields


(EAN, QR, PDF 417)

digital pkpass card front side.png

Direct link to mobile app

digital pkpass card back side.png


Link to mobile app

Pass settings

digital pkpass card back side info.png

Editable back of pass with active links

Phone numbers




Link to chatbot


Social media


Unlimited characters count, only <a> tag with its href attribute are supported.


Pass anatomy
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