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Richard Walitza

Director New Business Development

Mastercard Germany & Switzerland

Jan Čupa

CEO Central & Eastern Europe

AXA Partners

Filip Král

Member of the Management Board

Kooperativa, Vienna Insurance Group

Retail Summit 2020

YOUR PASS as a partner at one of the three largest retail meetings in Europe.



  • Diebold Nixdorf
    Diebold Nixdorf is an American multinational financial and retail technology company present in 130 countries that specializes in self-service transaction systems, POS terminals, security products and softwares. We are glad that Diebold Nixdorf became our Reseller partner for EMEA & DACH markets, focused on the Retail and Banking sector. Together, we were able to serve clients such as Post Austria, MoneyGram, Slovnaft, and others.
  • Assisto Consulting
    Assisto Consulting LTD was founded by experienced banking professionals with strong skills in Risk management, Fraud management, CRM, Sales and Marketing. The company is a leader in Fin Tech technologies for business growth in the banking industry and the solutions are based on the SAS Institute’s software. Assisto Consulting became a Yourpass Reseller partner who helps to SAS clients with integration and enrich YourPass digital cards/pass with SAS intelligence.
  • Isobar
    Isobar is a part of Dentsu. With best-in-class services and solutions in media, CRM, and creative, Dentsu international operates in over 145 markets worldwide with more than 48,000 dedicated specialists. Isobar has evolved from digital marketing to delivering experience-led transformation for their clients. We signed a reseller contract in 2020 and Isobar will be helping their clients with integrating YOUR PASS into Salesforce and Microsoft CRM systems.
  • AspectWorks
    AspectWorks is a premier enterprise Salesforce consultancy and software development company specializing in the custom solutions. ​AspectWorks’ expertise has been built over 14 years and more than 380 successful projects with major clients across three continents. AspectWorks helped us to launch a Salesforce connector which enriches loyalty programs by creating digital loyalty cards as well as vouchers and coupons through YOUR PASS functionalities directly in Salesforce.
  • Mluvii
    Mluvii is an application that serves as a tool for omnichannel online communication with a client via the web, mobile device, or a point of sale. The application is based on WebRTC technology and it allows instant messaging between an operator and client via chat, social networks, e-mail and many more. Mluvii + YOUR PASS integration can be used in two ways - firstly as a distribution channel for delivering digital cards through chatbot functionality. The second option is utilising digital cards as a communication channel by adding a URL address to their back side and bring the client directly to Mluvii communication centre.
  • Feedyou
    Feedyou is a Gartner recognized Conversational AI Platform enabling enterprises to effectively build, deploy, manage and scale advanced virtual assistants from one place. Their mission is to help people to get rid of repetitive and unproductive communications, tasks and processes.
  • GWS
    GWS was founded in 1992 and is a member company of Fiducia & GAD IT Group and offers innovative merchandise management systems and combination solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations for trading and service companies. GWS mbH created a connector for YOUR PASS to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Through Microsoft AppSource market, you can utilise YOUR PASS functionalities directly in your ERP system.
  • Your System
    Your System is one of the leading suppliers of information technologies and systems in the Czech Republic. The company with a 25-year history employs around 250 developers, and provides support across the Czech Republic through 5 branches. Your System stands with us since the beginning and it's our key partner company that helps us to develop our product and resells our technology in the CEE market with specialization to government and enterprise segment.
  • BOOT!Q
    BOOT!Q Group is a Czech-Slovak ICT group providing complex services and products for growing firms, established corporations, and public administration. They specializes in custom development and design services, specialist outsourcing, training and support, team leasing, consulting and many more. BOOT!Q is our Reseller partner since 2020 and offers YOUR PASS digital solution across their impressive portfolio of clients.



In cooperation with Aspect Works Ltd. we launched a connector to Salesforce CRM. Find us in AppExchange as "Mobile Cards, Passes & Tickets by Your Pass". Generate, edit and update digital cards for Android and iOS mobile wallets according your planned campaigns directly in Salesforce. 


In cooperation with Assisto Consulting, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and other products are connected to YOUR PASS, which enables the creation and remote control of digital cards/passes directly from SAS systems.

Microsoft Dynamics

Thanks to cooperation with our technology partner, German-based company GWS mbH, we have a connector to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Get advantage of YOUR PASS functionalities in your Dynamics CRM - find us in Microsoft AppSource as "YOURPASS for Customer Loyalty Program".

Helios Partner

Helios Partner is a system integrator of Helios product family from Asseco Solutions - one of the biggest producer of ERP systems in the Central European markets. Together, we launched a connector for Helios ERP and CRM systems which enables easy integration of YOUR PASS functionalities, enriches Helios systems and brings value to their clients.


Ancileo is a strong player in Insurance Technology and provides flexible software-as-a-service solutions for the entire Insurance value chain: Re-insurers, Insurers, Brokers, and Affinity partners. Ancileo is connected to YOUR PASS API and offers faster setup of digital assistance card creation for clients such as AXA. 


Scal-e is the #1 holistic enterprise marketing software suite to orchestrate, execute and analyze customer data and interactions. In cooperation with Scal-e, we are able to deliver wider backend logic for better customer experience according to his preference. 


Storyous is the number one supplier of restaurant POS systems for the catering industry in the Czech Republic, with a strong presence in Poland and expanding to Spain. Storyous integrated YOUR PASS functionalities into their POS systems and enriched their clients' Loyalty programs with digital loyalty cards and stamp cards. 


Meteopress is delivering Weather Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence, Radar networks, and Pollution monitoring since 1992. Thanks to the connection to Meteopress technology, we created a Meteo-warning solution for Insurance companies which notifies clients about danger weather like a storm, hail, flooding, etc and helps to protect clients' homes.  

raynet copy.png

Raynet has created a connector that allows you to take full advantage of YOUR PASS functionality as a marketing and communication tool. Raynet CRM clients can instantly create, edit, and distribute customize digital cards. This advanced functionality allows companies to communicate with customers or fans through mobile wallet without adding plastics to their physical wallets.


Markomat is a complex ticketing system that enables various ways of issuing and validating tickets based on QR code or NFC. Markomat also allows the management of membership or registration fees. In cooperation with MARKOMAT, YOUR PASS is able to deliver a comprehensive ticketing solution for Staidons and Arenas, Offices, Shopping malls, Hotels, Monuments, Sports and leisure parks, Parking houses, City and transport and more.

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