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About Mastercard

Mastercard is an international financial and payment technology company. Our goal is to enable an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone around the world.


That is why we make payments secure, simple, smart, and accessible to everyone. Our innovations and solutions are based on secure data and networks and help individuals, financial institutions, governments, and businesses to fully realize the scope of their opportunities. Our Decency Quotient shapes our corporate culture and all our activities.


With connections in more than 210 countries and territories, we contribute to a sustainable world that creates diverse opportunities for all.

The Partnership

Mobile wallets have been an important channel for contactless payment services for many years. Through our partnership with YourPass, we are expanding the possibilities of mobile wallets for banks, consumers, merchants, and partners.


In recent years, we have seen increasingly more businesses rise to the challenge of digitization. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a unique dynamic ecosystem to facilitate digitizing services.


YourPass is an efficient and cost-effective solution that is well received by users, most of whom are already familiar with mobile wallets. On this account, the digital dynamic cards also function as a direct channel between companies and their customers, providing them with information in real time and thus enabling modern customer loyalty.

Use Cases

Through our partnerships, we see a wide range of different potential use cases. Partner banks such as Sparda Bank or OLB successfully provide virtual badges complementing issued Mastercard® products. By using these passes clients are provided with vital information regarding their payment cards and receive updates on the latest card features or promotions. The information is easy to find as it is stored in the same location as the digital payment card.

The easy usage of digital passes comes especially useful for insurance companies and their clients. Our partner NÜRNBERGER provides an automobile insurance pass where users can view policy details, emergency checklists as well as phone numbers. This ensures quick actions during emergencies. Any time and from anywhere.

In our partnership with leasing company akf we also saw the company and their clients benefiting from digital passes replacing paper documents or plastic cards which are easy to lose or forget. Members also profit from real-time updates for example when contact data changes or as a reminder to schedule appointments.

The wide range of applications includes:

Loyalty Pass 

Loyalty Passes are digital customer cards through which users can check their current point balance or offers. They also receive reminders, for example, when they are near the store.

Assistance Pass

Assistance Pass users always keep track of key facts about their insurances. In addition, the back of the pass contains important contact information, documents, checklists, or FAQs.

Stamp Pass 

Never forget your stamp card again: Digital stamp passes are integrated into the mobile wallet via QR codes quickly and easily. From that moment on, customers automatically collect stamps with every visit.

Event ticket pass

Digital ticket holders not only get into venues quickly and hygienically but are also informed of any event updates in real time via push notifications.


Thanks to their small size, digital vouchers can be downloaded anywhere. Integrated in the wallet, they are always with the user and can be flexibly adapted, for example, to current offers, surveys, or reminders.

Boarding Pass

The perfect travel companion: digital boarding passes allow users to keep track of their booking data and to receive real-time updates on travel details, such as a change of terminal.

Membership card

The perfect travel companion: digital boarding passes allow users to keep track of their booking data and to receive real-time updates on travel details, such as a change of terminal.

In addition, YourPass offers the following passes: Guest cards, business cards, emergency cards, and employee passes. 

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