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mobile wallets.

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Digital wallet


Push notifications

Push notification is a great compromise between an e-mail and a SMS, delivered right onto a devices lock screen.

Proximity triggers

GPS location or Beacon technologies help you to deliver your message to the right place at the right moment.

Dynamic content

Adjust cards and notifications for each scenario in your customer journeys thanks to the dynamic refresh.

Active links

The back of the pass is like a Swiss knife for your customers- fill it with contacts, websites, documents and other important links.

Multiple languages

We can manage language localization and adjust your passes accordingly.

Mobile app

With a simple link, digital cards can lead your customers to your mobile app and increase download rate.

Advanced reports

We will provide you with precise metrics about download rate, ratio
of active cards, links and tags performance.


Thanks to the dynamic feature and various CRM integrations, both the front and the back can be easily personalized.

Pass features

We believe in 

digital future.

Assistance card
demo pkpass assistance card.png

Assistance Card

Digital assistance cards brings comfort to policyholders, all information is easily accessible on a simple, understandable format of a digital card. The back holds SOS contacts, assistance services, customer care channels, shortcuts to claim process, important documents, procedures or FAQ. 

Combining insurance products with advanced API connections, such as meteorological services, can raise them to the next level - clients with home insurance receive severe weather alerts. This can result in: less material damage, lower claims, satisfied customers.

Loyalty card
demo pass loyalty card.png

Loyalty Card

Having loyalty cards in a digital form is a must, otherwise they are easily forgotten or lost. Great for shops, retail chains, restaurants, services, petrol station networks and all companies that are keen on building customer loyalty.

Cardholders are informed about their points balance and rewards in real time and thanks to proximity features they can be reminded about your offer at the very right moment they are near your store. Push notifications delivered onto lock screens are opening a whole new communication channel for your customer journeys.

demo pkpass voucher.png


Vouchers represent a great acquisition tool or a sales opportunity. With their file size of a few kilobytes, digital vouchers are easily downloadable anywhere - while browsing shelves in a store, waiting in line at the checkout, or rushing to an airport gate.

And what's more, digital vouchers never die - they are easily convertible to another offer, to a loyalty onboarding card, a customer satisfaction survey or a reminder about your mobile app. Going digital saves costs, the planet, and time for production and distribution.

Boarding pass
demo pkpass boarding pass.png

Boarding Pass

Those of us who have used a digital boarding pass while travelling know the advantages they hold - having all booking details in one place, personalized with your name, easily accessible from lock screen thanks to GPS coordinates and receiving a push notification when your gate or boarding time is changed - all of this demonstrates convenience of digital cards.

Switching to digital not only saves trees but significantly decreases the stress of travel. Plus, an expired digital pass is a great tool for sending satisfaction surveys, extra miles or partners benefits. Or whatever you want.

Stamp card
demo pkpass stamp card.png

Stamp Card

A great gamification tool enhancing customer experience and engagement. Stamp cards can be connected to a CRM via our API and work automatically based on defined triggers, or manually, by using
a validation app on operator’s phone (for instance a waiter). Customers are granted stamps and once the customer collects enough stamps they are able claim a reward.

Stamp cards can be personalized or anonymous, and can be easily distributed via a QR code displayed in the shop or restaurant.

Event ticket
demo pkpass event ticket.png

Event Ticket

The main advantages of digital tickets are: easy and immediate updates, communication via push notifications (news about an event, organizational information, unexpected circumstances such as date change or cancellation), faster ticket validation, improved security thanks to NFC, or an option of using modern proximity technologies such as beacon for navigation before the event. 

A used ticket can dynamically change into a new card. This could be a membership card, a discount voucher for the next event, a voucher at your partners. The ticket can dynamically change to fit your requirements.

Guest card
demo pkpass guest card.png

Guest Card

Digital guest cards perfectly complement outstanding services and boost customer experience. Equipped with NFC technology it safely opens and locks doors but also displays loyalty points, provides information on hotel purchases, check-in and check-out times, informs about hotel entertainment facilities as well as leisure activities in the surrounding area and discounts at hotel partners. It notifies guests in the right time and - by means of beacon technology, at the right place. 

And once the adventure ends, sending a satisfaction survey onto lock screen will achieve higher response rate compared to regular e-mails.

Business card
digital business card demo.png

Business Card

Even in today’s digital age, 27 million business cards are printed daily. Going digital is a sustainable, safe, cost saving and innovative way how to share your contact information in person - show it and let the other person scan the QR code. The QR code contains a vCard which automatically redirects to a pre-filled contact card with your information - just tap and save it. From colors to logo, cards are fully customizable to match your corporate identity.

Thanks to the digital format, these business cards are easy to update in case of a change. No more unnecessarily discarded, lost or forgotten cards.

Emergency card
demo pkpass emergency card.png

Emergency Card

With the beginning of the worldwide pandemic situation in 2020, we utilized digital cards as one of the crisis communication tools for the Czech Government and a couple of our clients. Thanks to push notifications delivered directly onto device lock screen, adjustable backside (containing important contacts and official information), uncomplicated distribution, dynamic digital cards proved as a functional and efficient communication channel.

Triggering a push notification to 4 million cards took approximately 7 minutes, compared to 24 hours of SMS distribution. Time matters, not only in emergencies.

demo pkpass employee badge

Employee ID Card

Virtual badges bring convenience to both employees and employers and significantly reduce time for issuing and solving troubles with physical cards. The front contains name, job title, company logo and photo, accompanied by a barcode with employee ID. The back can provide a pocket version of intranet - packed with important contacts, company news, work schedule, employee benefits plan, holiday entitlement and many more. Through links, holders can submit vacation requests, answer internal polls or RSVP to workshops.

Thanks to QR codes or optional NFC, you can extend their purpose and use them as time clock badges.

Employee card
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