The cloud system YOUR PASS enables digital card creation and delivery in the format pkpass (originally developed by Apple), as well as a controlled change of the contents and look of these cards at the time when they have already been stored in the holder’s Wallet. The card is a data package at a corresponding URL on the YOUR PASS server, downloaded by the holder’s mobile phone and potentially saved in the Wallet. The format pkpass determines general characteristics of the card significantly. After the card is downloaded, it can be saved in any application of the mobile wallet which supports work with the pkpass format. Therefore, the Wallet is the only application needed for saving the whole package of cards, equally as a classic leather wallet. To the iOS it is a native application Wallet which is pre-installed by the manufacturer in each Apple smartphone. For devices with the operating system Android, the Google Play marketplace offers e.g. the YourWallet application. And the Wallet Pass application is available for Windows smartphones. These applications perform the same functions as the Wallet by Apple. In addition to its saving in the Wallet, the card can also be displayed in a web browser as an HTML page and saved among bookmarks for further use. The card can also be saved in several devices at the same time. Therefore, the issue and saving with a subsequent use of e.g. a ticket are not necessarily affected by absence of the Wallet in the holder’s smartphone.

The card automatic update function is an important feature, enabling the card issuer to update the card contents and look remotely. This turns the card into a digital communication channel for the smartphone screen. The holder can deactivate this function anytime. This function is also unavailable for cards in the HTML format saved as web browser pages.

Based on the active use, the YOUR PASS system enables to process the following requirements:

  • Issue of a new card or issue of several cards to holders
  • Update of look or contents of one or several cards at once
  • Cancellation of one or several cards

After a new card is requested, it is created under its URL on the YOUR PASS server, where it is ready for download. The card is delivered to the holder by means of a link to the URL sent by e-mail or via a distribution QR code. The remote control of the look and contents of the cards is carried out either by using the YOUR PASS web console or connecting via two-way API to the CRM or another system of the client. In the YOUR PASS system a requirement can be processed in two modes, either individually, or as a group. It is possible, via the web API, for the issuer’s connected system to request information about the number of cards based on defined criteria. The same information is also displayed on the YOUR PASS control console. In this context it is necessary to point out that all the significant changes of the card in the Wallet are made first as an update of the whole card in the system and only then the card can downloaded and replace the old card in the Wallet, by means of the push function. This method is used for all the messages communicated to digital cards. It does not matter whether the change concerns only a single letter or the whole page, it will always be the whole card which is will be synchronised from the server to the smartphone.

Another useful function of the YOUR PASS system is an allocation of an external URL to the card. This is how e.g. the main sponsor’s offer can be made accessible at the back of the ticket via a link. Further, the YOUR PASS system naturally enables to evaluate the click-through-rate (CTR).


Our technology is applicable in a wide range of applications, from banking and insurance industries, via sports and entertainment to tourism and accommodation providers, to name just a few. Together with our clients, we continue discovering new areas of application not only for their customers, but also within in-house processes, for example, as an instrument of communication with employees, suppliers or partners. The digital card technology comes into consideration wherever – next to the standard functionality of the card (identification, certification or validation) – communication is required towards the card holder, or even from the holder to the issuer by means of linked questionnaires. This is how, for example, a pharmacy using a client card can enable clients to get a discount, but simultaneously inform them about new products and news. Via digital tickets, organisers of festivals and sports matches can send topical information about traffic, parking, available refreshment offers, current stage or field action. The non-digital ticket which would otherwise end in a waste-paper bin turns thus into an information billboard in the phone. Insurance companies can issue travel assistance cards with updated information about the destination or create a damage claim settlement card in case of accident damage, informing about the status of the claim settlement and the payout via a graphic change and notification messages. The clients having a digital card with their insurance policy have no longer to search for the expiration date and whether they made the insurance payment in time, since the card in the Wallet, issued with each policy, contains this information already. And bank cards, for instance, can update information about currency exchange rates, share and commodity prices or provide their VIP clients updated offers of the loyalty programme. Stamp cards can be used similarly, when YOUR PASS clients can collect stamps for consumption via the card reader in the waiter’s smartphone and then they can ask for the bonus. Thanks to flexibility of the contents and graphics YOUR PASS digital cards offer countless possibilities of creating the right instrument very quickly and easily. Traditional solutions in the paper or plastic form can hardly keep up with the advantages of the digital card in the Wallet. The digital card is a rational compromise between a proper mobile application itself and the static format of a PDF document. An application itself is not always an instrument welcome. Especially whenever the client requires to be informed for a limited period of time only or the information is simple and the size does not require a download and installation of an application. Also, applications are often uninstalled in order to make room in the memory or on the control desktop. This does not happen with the cards, because their size is negligible in comparison with applications; moreover, they all are inside the Wallet, not taking room on the desktop. The implementation of the YOUR PASS technology offers the following advantages:

  • Communication channel directly to the smartphone
  • Access to native functions of iOS and Android
  • No extensive programming, distribution and maintenance of proper applications
  • Fast commissioning
  • No lost or forgotten cards
  • Your brand in the digital card is next to your customers’ money in the Wallet
  • Personalised messages on locked screen
  • Clients do not delete the cards because of their minimum data demand (50 KB) unlike proper applications.


As our customer you will always get an optimum solution from us, developed in terms of functions and contents in such a way to meet your needs. This, however, does not mean that the final design cannot be up to you. You can change both the look and contents of the cards anytime.

Drag & Drop Designer

As part of your solution together with the YOUR PASS control console, we will provide you built-in YOUR PASS Drag & Drop Designer which will enable you, anywhere with access to the Internet and anytime, to create and modify, by means of the push function, the contents and look of the cards in Wallets of your customers.

API to connect to the CRM directly

As part of the solution we will provide you with the possibility of connecting your in-house system, such as your CRM system, to the YOUR PASS system via API, which will facilitate access to all functions of the YOUR PASS system and consequently, you can control it directly from the in-house system. Our interface API supports many CRM systems. Of course, we will provide you a detailed documentation.

Support during implementation

We will be glad to help you with the implementation over the phone, by email or in person, if necessary. Our team has rich experience with implementation into various systems. You can rely on us that our IT team will quickly find common ground with your team.

Our Wallet for Android – YourWallet

Users of Apple mobile phones with iOS have a pre-installed application Wallet in their phones. Therefore, they themselves do not need to install any application. In their phones, the card will be downloaded and displayed after a mere presentation of a QR code to the device camera. Then the only thing needed is to confirm the saving into this application. Users with Android devices first need to download an application which imitates Wallet functions for iOS from the Google Play distribution service and install it in their device. Fortunately, there are many applications of that kind and many users have got some of them in their device, because in the past they used it for saving other cards in the pkpass format, such as boarding passes. To provide maximum support to your clients at the easy saving of our cards, we ourselves make our own application YourWallet available on Google Play. We put emphasis on maximum simplicity and intuitiveness of this application. In addition to that we guarantee that our application will fully support all the dynamic functions of YOUR PASS digital cards. This application is at your and your clients’ disposal completely free of charge.